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Working With You & Your Patients

The Windsor Team Care Centre (WTCC) is meant to be an extension of your office, offering you a wide range of supportive services that you are able to access for your patients. We will work with you by providing services for your complex/chronic patients or patients struggling with mild to moderate mental health concerns. We do this by conducting assessments, linking them to the appropriate members in our team, as well as provide system navigation when needed.

Our goal is for you to always be in the know and to support recommendations for care made by our team members as we send you communications about your patients’ journey through our program. Additionally, we will check in at key points during their time with us to ensure collaboration and, once your patient has completed their journey with us, care plans that can be sustained with your support.

How to Get Affiliated

There are over 150 primary care providers in Windsor-Essex connected to the Team Care Centre. If you are a solo-practicing Physician or Nurse Practitioner in Windsor-Essex, and not connected to an allied professional health team, you can contact our practice facilitator directly who is here to assist you with becoming an affiliated Primary Care Provider.

To get affiliated today, contact:

Windsor Team Care Centre

What You Need to Know

When receiving a new referral to the Team Care Centre, we aim to take an approach which assesses and supports the needs of your patient’s health and psychosocial wellness. Through our intake process we may:

  • Prioritize based on need (criteria noted on our referral form)
  • Identify additional needs (based on assessment)
  • Recommend other services offered by the Team Care Centre or other community partners
  • Seek your support for medical management through pharmacotherapy, where recommended
  • Request additional information (i.e. medical history and diagnostic/lab results to assist us in providing safe care)


As we assess and provide care for your patient, we aim to provide you with efficient and effective communications, as well as seek your support for treatment recommendations where appropriate.

You can expect to receive regular communications for our providers, according to the following steps in care:

  • Confirmation of first appointment
  • Confirmation of recommendation for treatment/plan of care
  • Significant changes in your patient disposition or treatment plan
  • Discharge

Request for Case Conferencing

Where complex patient needs necessitate a higher level of collaboration and communication across Team Care Centre health practitioners and primary care providers, we will reach out to your office for your support and participation.

Feedback & Support

Our Practice Facilitator is available to receive and support any feedback or request for support, including addressing any concerns you may have with client care, process, etc. We also welcome your improvement ideas.


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