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Mental Health Care

Mental Health Care

Windsor Team Care Center (WTCC) provides mental support for individuals aged 16 and up who live with a mild to moderate mental health condition, including: assessment & diagnosis, treatment recommendations, medication management and follow up, as well as counselling.

Our service consists of two main components:

Medical Management

  • In-depth assessments
  • Medication reviews/reconciliation
  • Short-term medication management
  • Treatment recommendations and/or establishment of a plan of care
  • All services are provided by Nurse Practitioners and a consulting Psychiatrist


  • Counselling using therapeutic best practices based on individual patient needs
  • All counselling is provided by a Registered Health Professional onsite or in collaboration with our partners at Family Service Windsor-Essex

What to Expect

A client’s care journey will begin with an intake appointment with a Nurse and/or a Pharmacist who will complete a medical history assessment and medication review, as well as discuss the client’s strengths and goals for care.

Together, this process will help establish a client-centred plan of care with access to services across our team of care providers.

What to Expect - Medical Management
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What to Expect - Counselling
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How Do I Get Connected?

Clients needing support for their mental health support can access team care in the following ways:

1. Primary Care Referral

Windsor Team Care Centre requires that your primary care provider is a partner in your mental health care. Access to our program is coordinated by Physician or Nurse Practitioner referral.

Ask your primary care provider about our services and if they are the right match for your needs.

2. Windsor Regional Hospital Referral

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Partnering with Windsor Regional Hospital (WRH), Windsor Team Care Centre supports patients in that transitional time after they’re discharged for mental health care at WRH. WRH will refer appropriate patients from acute care or the Mental Health Assessment Unit to Team Care.

Team Care staff call the individual within 72 hours for a wellness check where we check in to see how they’re doing and review and support them on their next steps in their treatment plan.

For most clients, the wellness call provides the opportunity to talk out what they need to do next with someone who understands and can help – and is enough to keep them on the path towards wellness.

Appropriate patients needing additional long-term care become Team Care Centre clients in the Mental Health program, where they receive ongoing treatment, counselling and other supports (see What to Expect documents above).

Eligibility Criteria

Clients aged 16 and up, with a mild to moderate condition (depression, anxiety, ADHD, and stress, and other related conditions), can get connected with services by a Family Physician or Nurse Practitioner referral.  Ask your primary care provider if WTCC is a match for your needs.

Those with more severe mental health conditions will be supported to access appropriate services through our community partners – this includes:

  • Active mania or psychosis
  • Schizophrenia
  • Active eating disorders
  • Receiving care from a psychiatrist/CMHA/ACT Team
  • Dual diagnosis (intellectual disability/severe Autism Spectrum Disorder)
  • Related to a WSIB claim.

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